We at Aide believe in taking small calculated steps to create meaning full changes in the lives


Aide Society was founded in Chhattisgarh in the year 2019 under the Registration Act of societies. This non-profit organization has been working tirelessly to provide a better chance of living lives for most people who are in dire need of it.

Meet The Team

Every single member of the Aide Society has a singular goal of helping people in the best way that they can. Finding people who deserve assistance and creating life-altering and helpful changes is what we do.


Our society works towards one common goal to achieve efficiency, impact, and excellence when it comes to aiding those who need it.

Our Thematic Areas

Our Gallery

Our Strength

  • Program Implementation.

    Our diligent team will work effortlessly to make sure that all the programs for the health and welfare of the people are being implemented in the best way.

  • Research & Innovation

    We are constantly trying to find out new and innovative ways to ensure that people who need help are always able to get it with the help of thorough research.

  • Monitoring & Evaluation

    The Aide Society not only provides help to the deprived sections of our society but we also have a very functional monitoring option as well as evaluation program to keep track of our previous members.

  • Documentation

    Every single project or mission is documented in order to provide better transparency and details.

  • Management of Projects

    The social activities and charitable events sponsored by Aide are definitely under the best management options and totally cater to the needs of people.

  • Experienced Team

    Not only do we have a qualified and efficient team working for us but these professionals already have enough experience with the government and other agencies.

Our Core Values

Aide Society is a Non-Profit Organization based in Chhattisgarh and has been actively participating in the fields of women empowerment, health, nutrition, and education. Our values are towards achieving new levels of excellence while we extend the best kind of assistance to the deprived people in our society. With a collective goal of helping and a team of professionals, Aide Society has quickly become a place for people to find a new meaning to their lives.

Recent Project


Aide is running two preschools under its banner . The focus of education program under Aide is to provide quality education to the deprived section of the society.